REAL XPS Extruded polystyrene panels


Extruded polystyrene is a type of insulation used in particularly applications demanding in which other types have insufficient techniques characteristics.
• REAL Xps products have physical peculiarity, surface finishing and variable edge structures to best fi t each specific use. They are distinguished by excellent water vapour permeability, waterproof, adherence to plaster and cement as well as high mechanical strength, both compression and traction;
• REAL Xps is one of the few extruded polystyrenes with European technical certification for cladding systems (ETICS).

• GWP <5 (Global Warming Potential) No impact on the environment and on the greenhouse effect,
• ODP = 0 (Ozone Depletion Potential),
• HFC free – no hydro fluorocarbons,
• HBCDD free – the flame retardant used in insulating panels is exempt of hexabromociclododecane.

• Reversed green roof Z-23. 31-1805;
• Ground insulation below groundwater level Z-23, 33-1806;
• Insulations exposed to constant stresses, even under the fl oor Z-23. 34 -1807 facades covered with a thin colored plaster (ETICS);
• Wainscoting;
• Facades and Wainscoting covered in stone;
• Insulating coatings in structural parts;;
• Insulation from inside or in cavity on exposed concrete;
• Insulation of thermal bridges (balconies, parapet of the windows, edges of slabs, earthquake-proof connections, etc.);
• Insulation of internal walls adjacent to unheated rooms.