Ponzio Modi d’Abitare is an exclusive new product line by Ponzio doing aluminium the essence of contemporary living. It tells a project that perfectly embodies the idea of simplicity of the manufacturings, essential lines and accessories. Ponzio Modi d’Abitare is an opened project, touching aluminium all-round as design, versatile and green material. Modi d’Abitare products are the present and the future of modern architecture; they belong to a stylish, varied and comfortably new era. People’s own lifestyle is impeccably represented within their home environment through a multi-faceted of products. Ponzio, a company leader in the market of aluminium windows, doors and surface finishes, guarantees this progect with its experience and reliability. The innovation of Ponzio Modi d’Abitare expresses it self even through all shades of the Ponzio program finishes (Ponziocolorbox), which allow you to rediscover the pleasure to choose just what really represents you. The Porte Interne (internal Doors) collection, the first chapter among those of the Modi d’Abitare anthology, interprets to the best the key points of the project: simplicity, elegance and intuition. Refined aluminium elements that blend so perfectly with the glass giving birth to an unique interior design accessory.